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Consumer Bankruptcy

Couple stressed out over money needing help

We understand the problem.

If you have too much debt - credit card debt, medical debt, tax debt, or if you find you can’t make your monthly payments to your creditors each month, and you are juggling bills and avoiding the never ending telephone calls, you might consider whether a personal bankruptcy could help you.  

Whether you are behind on your mortgage payments, owe taxes, payday loans, trying to save your car from repossession or just have too much credit card debt, bankruptcy should be considered as a potential tool to restructure or get rid of debt.




We want to help you find the solutions.

The amount of stress, fear and anxiety people experience when faced with overwhelming debt problems can be debilitating.  You should not have to face it alone.  Creditors don’t seem to care and won’t help you figure out solutions, but we will.

The first step toward a solution is to find out what the options are.  We will meet with you, evaluate your situation, which includes understanding who you owe, how much you owe, what you own and how much you make, and then explain to you what your bankruptcy options are and how they work.  There is absolutely no pressure to sign any contracts when you meet us – we are interested in making sure you have the information you need about bankruptcy and our firm, and that you are given time and space to consider your options and then make the best decision.


You may be qualified to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is sometimes called “straight bankruptcy”.  Chapter 7 cases are short; they typically last 3 months from the date the case is filed until the date the case is discharged.  Most debts are completely wiped out and most often no one loses any assets in the process.


A Chapter 13 might be a better solution for some people.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy case is a customized bankruptcy that allows a person to set up a plan to pay some or all of their debts over time.    People often file Chapter 13 when they owe debts they can get rid of in Chapter 7, like some taxes, or they need time to pay certain debts, like mortgage arrears.   Some people won’t qualify for Chapter 7 because of income, but they can file Chapter 13.  Chapter 13 can protect some people from losing some of their assets if they file Chapter 7.


Bankruptcy is a powerful tool! it immediately stops the following

  • Creditor harassment

  • Lawsuits

  • Wage garnishments

  • Foreclosures

  • Bank levies

  • Repossessions


Don’t wait another day to get relief!  Call us and let us start you on your journey to a better tomorrow and less stressful today.   We offer a free, no obligation consultation to help you get started.

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