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Business and Commercial Law

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Trusted Advisers 

Whether you are a startup or an established business, at some point you will likely need the legal advice or representation of an experienced attorney.   Services can range from entity formation to partnership dissolution, contract disputes to commercial collection matters.

Each client and every situation is different, with varying levels of complexity.  We are attorneys who are experienced in corporate and business matters and can provide the judgment and the decisive, efficient advice and representation you need.

Creative Solutions for Complex Legal Matters

We have the experience and knowledge to represent business clients in such matters as:

  • Business purchases and sales

  • Formation, governance and dissolution of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies

  • LLC Operating Agreements

  • Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

  • Litigation, arbitration and mediation of business disputes.

  • Commercial collection matters

  • Receivership

  • Business Bankruptcy

Kornfield, Nyberg, Bendes, Kuhner & Little P.C. is  a debt relief agency.   We help businesses and people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.

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